carbon challenge

Thinking big and striving for zero carbon emissions

13 March, 2022

The Center for Sustainability, together with the Marketing and Communications Division, the Construction and Infrastructure Division, the Student Association and the Green Council of the Hebrew University seek to use the wisdom of the masses and challenge the university population to offer and initiate projects that will help the university reduce its carbon footpring. Learn more.



Israel Climate Change Conference 2022

10 February, 2022


The Hebrew University and Haaretz are hosting the Israel Climate Change Conference 2022. The conference is scheduled for 23 February, 2022 in Jerusalem. President of Israel Isaac Herzog, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, and Hebrew University President Prof. Asher Cohen are among the distinguished guests scheduled to speak at the conference.



"Degree and a Half" Series of Video Lectures on Climate Change Launches

"Degree and a Half" Series of Video Lectures on Climate Change Launches

2 January, 2022

Researchers from the Hebrew University, together with partners in Israel and abroad, have created a 27 episode online series that presents a concise and simplified overview of the science behind global warming. Each lecture is 10 minutes long and presents one scientific aspect of global warming. Click to view the full series.