Podcasts: Kayamoot B'Ivrit

Kayamoot B'Ivrit: The Center for Sustainability's new Podcast Series

In each episode, we interview researchers and other leading figures from within the university about their work to promote sustainability.


Episode 1 -- The Coral Reefs in the Gulf of Eilat with Prof. Maoz Fine

In this episode, Professor Maoz Fine talks about the risks that threaten the corals in the Gulf of Eilat and the chances of preserving them.



Episode 2 -- Building with Salt with Prof. Daniel Mandler

What can be done with the 20 million tons of excess salt that makes its way into the Dead Sea, raising the water level and potentially causing flooding in heavily touristed areas? Neither Israel nor Jordan had a viable solution until an extraordinary idea was put forward by Prof. Daniel Mandler from the Hebrew University. In this episode, Prof. Mandler tells us about his idea for making concrete blocks from salt. Sustainability in the full sense of the word. 


Episode 3 -- Plant societies and the factors that influence them with Dr. Niv de Malach

If you look outside for a moment at the plants around you, you are likely to see quite a few trees. Are they the majority? What about in the fields outside the city, are perennial plants the majority there too? Dr. Niv de Malach studies the relationship between annuals and perennials and what effects events happening today will have on the relationship between different plants in the future


Episode 4 -- On urban renewal and its effects on social and economic sustainability with Prof. Eran Feitelson

Sustainability is not just about the the environment. It is much more social and economic than we tend to think. Prof. Eran Feitelson demonstrates this in his research on urban renewal and also discusses the use of red lines to move from sustainable ideas to policy.